POWERINSOLE fits inside your shoe and gives you more life in every step. Daily activity feels better and every stride makes you feel more energized. Made for sports, work, and play.

Key Advantages


POWERINSOLE improves blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body leading to more action and less fatigue. 


POWERINSOLE gives you more endurance, sharper concentration when you need it, and that extra pip in your step. 


Enjoy recovering faster from sore muscles, aching joints, and general exhaustion to stay more active. 

What People Are Saying

I put POWERINSOLE in my hiking shoes and it makes a huge difference. I feel less tired after a hike and my muscles recover faster. Time to push myself harder by going farther!

– Marie T.

I'm a long distance runner and I'm already in great shape, but I definitely have seen a difference in my energy levels and recovery since it's been in my shoe for a couple weeks.

– George M.

After only a week I noticed an improvement in my headaches, back pain, and overall amount of energy. Where was this when I was in college?

– Jose M.

Fast shipping. Great customer service. But most importantly an even better product. It goes in my work shoes and my athletic shoes. All the claims about more energy are correct.

– Bethany C.

Hear what Regina has to say!

See How It Works


What makes POWERINSOLE so effective is its energy-boosting power chip. It improves blood circulation, which leads to an increase in oxygen content and nutrient supply in the body's cells. 


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