What makes POWERINSOLE work? 

For the creation of POWERINSOLE, our team collaborated with doctors of various specializations working in different institutions, universities, companies, and performance centers in order to ensure that our product works, and that it provides a key advantage to anyone who has it in their shoe! 

What makes POWERINSOLE so effective is its power chip. Using our patented technology, data is uploaded to the power chip and passed on to the body’s cells during movement. The body's cells are positively influenced from this outside force (the power chip), which leads to increased blood circulation in the feet and legs. In other words, POWERINSOLE improves blood circulation, which leads to an increase in oxygen content and nutrient supply in the body’s cells. Additionally, POWERINSOLE also helps to speed up the breakdown of lactate, which means a decrease in muscle spasms and exhaustion, while also lowering heart rate during exercise. All of this results in an increase in energy, performance, and recovery speed for the consumer. 

Our motivation for POWERINSOLE was to create an innovative product that helps our customers seize their days with more energy, so they can live more and be more, with the added benefit of greater relief and endurance for the average active person or athlete. We've created just that with Powerinsole.




*Please note that POWERINSOLE is not a medical product despite its many successes in different areas! If you have any illnesses or conditions affecting activity, POWERINSOLE does not replace going to the doctor. POWERINSOLE does not replace any medication prescribed by the doctor or medical treatment!